Active Living by Design
This program establishes innovative approaches to increasing physical activity through community design, public policies and communications strategies.


Active Living Network
A gateway to tools and resources for promoting active living and healthy community design. The mission of the Active Living Network is to promote active, healthy environments by building a national coalition of professional leaders who have a stake in the health impacts of how places are designed and built.


Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Healthy Places
This CDC site explores the interaction between people and their environments, natural as well as human-made, which continues to emerge as a major issue concerning public health.


Healthy Transportation Network
Healthy Transportation Network's mission is to foster safer bicycle and pedestrian behaviors and encourage local leaders to create more walkable and bike-friendly communities.



Kaboom! is a national nonprofit organization that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America. Kaboom! rallies communities to achieve better public policy, funding and public awareness for increased play opportunities nationwide; provides resources, including trainings, challenge grants, and publications for communities that wish to plan a new playspace on their own; and brings together children, business and community interests for a select number of community playspace builds each year.


Leadership for Healthy Communities

To support the efforts of local and state leaders, Leadership for Healthy Communities offers a host of resources that support active living and healthy community design. The website includes policy briefs, articles, reports, tools and presentations that have been developed by Leadership for Healthy Communities partners and others, as well as important Web links.


National Center for Biking and Walking (NCBW)
NCBW helps to create bicycle-friendly and walkable communities across North America by encouraging and supporting the efforts of individuals, organizations, and agencies.


Neighborhood-Scale Planning Tools to Create Active, Livable Communities

Having safe, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that encourage walking and biking are key to creating active living communities. However, a city's or region's smart growth plans sometimes overlook the policies that govern neighborhood-scale development. This brief provides strategies, planning tips, case studies and additional resources for planning future development at the neighborhood level in order to support active living.


Project for Public Spaces

A fantastic site!  Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public places that build communities. Check out the Cases for Places, the Downloads and Tools or the Placemaker Profiles which highlights the individuals who have captured our imagination about the need to create great places in every community.


Smart Growth America
Smart Growth America is a coalition of national, state and local organizations working to improve the ways we plan and build the towns, cities and metro areas we call home.


Smart Growth Network (SGN)
The SGN works to encourage development that serves the economy, community and the environment.


Walking Resources

A collection of web pages with ideas and steps for conducting a successful walk-to-school event.


Place Matters Tools

This dynamic database website is a resource for communities (their professional planners, pubic agencies, and concerned citizens) to identify tools and processes for better community design and decision- making. The site is supported by Project for Public Spaces (PPS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public places that build communities.


Urban Parks Online

This site provides current news on and best practices in urban parks across the country.


Community Toolbox

This innovative and useful toolbox contains numerous techniques for public participation that communities can use to get organized, to turn their vision into a reality and to work together to improve.


Calories Per Hour

How many calories do you burn mowing your lawn or washing your car? Find out here. The site includes nutritional information and fun tools for tracking your progress.


Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit organization working with communities to preserve unused rail corridors by transforming them into trails, enhancing the health of America's environment, economy, neighborhoods and people. Resources for creating funding, trails and greenways are included.

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